Tania Doko


Tania Doko is not only an awesome singer and human. She is one half of Australia’s pop duo Bachelor Girl. Releasing a string of solo projects since the bands 1998 debut, she has written and collaborated with some of the coolest pop stars around the world. Tania is back home for a new show in Melbourne and has a new single with dance makers Damon Hess and Deep Matter.


Bachelor Girl’s 1998 smash hit Buses and Trains remains not only an Aussie classic but still one of the most played songs on radio today.

Ben and Tania talk about the amazing bands success and the Buses and Trains 20 year anniversary.

  • Also Tania’s new life in Sweden.
  • Songwriting for Australia’s biggest pop stars.
  • The Bachelor Girl reunion.
  • New single and hometown gig.