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Anna has been working out in the North. It is a lot hotter out there in the North, and we all know how well she deals in the extremes. Get ready for it kids!

Lady Gaga is the flavor of the week, as she smashed her performance of the halftime show at the Superbowl. However, the trolls have been out. Shame on them!

However, it’s still better than talking about Trump. So, to condense the amount of content about him, we have come up with a little segment we call “The Trump Dump”. It’s short, sweet, and over before you know it.

With an assortment of other nonsense including the secondhand sale of the full body condom, thing’s that make your nipples hard, how to sell your car in a one liner, Melania drops by, and there is the kind-hearted woman who just gives and gives, by being paid to warm people’s beds. Oh, and Anna takes a win in Last Man Standing!


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