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It’s Mardi Gras weekend, and we are in the mood to celebrate. In honor of all the gayness, we ask you to share your fondest and favorite Mardi gras memories and anthems. Thanks for playing along!

As we launch into what is referred to by our original elders as “late summer”, we hear about the break-up of Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom. Though it seems Anna has something else on her mind.

It’s not all smooth sailing in the studio this morning, it seems no one has put their teeth in. We attempt to inform the masses around a young girls coming out story, a researchers results about what has been found in a swimming pool, our new game Stereotypical, and Dannii Minogue’s sticky Mardi Gras performance. And thanks for the cracking tunes you submitted, though we did leave them out of the podcast.

Happy Mardi Gras!!



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