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What’s this weeks rollercoaster podcast about??? I could try to describe it……I could try I said……but its a mostly undescribable (is that a word?) and hilarious  – because although Dean seems well again, (mansplaining everything),  they’ve cranked up the craziness to the MAX. Anna’s rambling and Dean’s still delirious after his moving effort, but thankfully Tim steers this rollercoaster of a show and we make it safely to the end with most of the wheels intact. There’s extra podcasts too-  interviews with Tom Gleeson and Michael Falzon. Find them @JOY94.9 at joy.org.au or find the Murphys Law Radio Facebook page, or instagram, or…..just google it all millennials because I don’t know how to do links.


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Tom multitasks as a medical scientist, housesitter, L2P driving mentor and podcaster on JOY 94.9. Shows include Murphys Law, Stand Up Straight.


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