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Zain Mitchlan Lie (IND)
Zak Love Fallin (REDLOVE)
HRVY I Wish You Were Here (EMI)
Shawn Mendes & Zedd Lost in Japan (Remix) (UMA)
Hanne Mjøen Sounds Good to Me (SPINNIN / WMA)
Regi ft Jake Reese Ellie (MOSTIKO)

Turn it up for these brand-new tracks in Melbourne’s most uplifting music mix.

It’s been a little while since we last heard from Zain Mitchlan on JOY. He tried to turn those big red chairs on The Voice earlier this year but sadly no one push their button for him. He was also an ambassador for a Muslim fashion label. But thankfully the Melbourne boy is back in the music biz with a new single. ‘Lie’ tells the story of a life full of fiction, pulled together in a rich electro-pop package. It’s a big return for this gay singer and we’re looking forward to more from him soon. In the meantime, join him as JOY Presents the Lie Single Launch on Friday 12 October.

Zak Love is a man of many talents. Not only can he sing and write songs, but he can dance, act and perform in costumes. Between gigs, Zak’s been working with local producer Sebastian Ivanov on his new single, ‘Fallin’. It’s all about falling hard for someone after promising yourself you’d never do that again. Zak never thought he’d release this single, but we’re pretty pleased that he has.

Harvey Cantwell is an English singer who doesn’t like vowels. Dropping them all from his stage name, HRVY delivers one of the bops of the spring in ‘I Wish You Were Here’. Following on from his Spanish-language release Hasta Luego with Malu, HRVY takes the same feel-good vibe and transports it to a percussion-filled singalong. We reckon you’ll be wishing it went on for longer.

Shawn Mendes has found major success with his self-titled album, which peaked at #1 in Australia, across Europe and North America. The second single, ‘Lost in Japan’, hit the top 30 here in Oz, but it didn’t reach the peaks of the album’s other singles. The Canadian has enlisted the help of Russian-German DJ Zedd to do his thing with the single, providing us with a chilled yet gutsy remix. Give it a few listens and we think you’ll be pleased.

Over in Norway, Hanne Mjøen has been impressing the industry with her singing and songwriting. She released ‘Future’ last year to rave reviews and was named as one of the Scandinavian artists to watch this year by The Fader. It was a good pick by the pop culture website, as is evident by the quality of her new single, ‘Sounds Good to Me’. This one’s definitely a grower and not a shower, with a lush bed of percussive beats building over three minutes and ending with some smashing electro-pop. It doesn’t just sound good – it sounds brilliant.

Belgian producer and DJ Regi is back on JOY with a song that is made for spring. Featuring the vocals of fellow Belgian Jake Reese, Ellie is bound to put a smile on your face. Don’t be shy – clap and whistle along wherever you are!

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