New music to weekdays (29 July 2020)

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Kylie Minogue Say Something (LIB / BMG)
Jason Derulo Take You Dancing (WMA / ATL / APG)
Dua Lipa Hallucinate (WMA)
Ella Henderson Take Care of You (Wilson Radio Edit) (WMA / Major Toms)
DYLAN Real Love (Buzz William Remix) (BOOSHU)
Isaiah Firebrace Know Me Better (SME)
Rozell & Kalide ft Nick Summerfield Critical (IND)
Marty Guilfoyle ft John Gibbons 1, 2 Step (HUSSLE)

Other radio stations might have found a new love for pop music recently, but we’ve been loving it for years. This week’s additions are some of the best pop and dance tracks going around right now!

The Princess of Pop is back and she’s lowering the mirror ball. Kylie‘s 15th studio album, DISCO, is set for release on 6 November and the lead single is ‘Say Something’. This is a 180 from the last album, and it’s the Kylie we’ve been praying for. Warm your dancing legs up to this one!

Speaking of dancing, American singer Jason Derulo wants to be your partner. Hopefully he’ll rip his shirt off before launching into ‘Take You Dancing’, a Latin-inspired bop that has old-school Derulo vibes to it. We reckon you’ll get the simple da-da-da-da hook stuck in your head while you snap yourself on TikTok grooving along.

Keep grooving as you jump into Studio 54, thanks to British singer Dua Lipa. The fourth single from Future Nostalgia is ‘Hallucinate’, which brings together strings, a thumping beat and Dua’s signature sound to form a disco banger. If you’ve ever wanted to see Dua Lipa in animated form, you should probably check the video out too.

Brit Ella Henderson has been loving streaming video during lockdown in the UK, having performed in gigs organised by the Mayor of London, Billboard and Gary Barlow. Since the success of her Glorious EP last year, Ella has been touring and featuring on some of the year’s biggest hits, including This is Real, We Got Love and Hold Me Close. ‘Take Care of You’ is her first solo release since the EP and it’s taken the UK by storm. We’ve gone for the Wilson remix to give it a special sparkle for your workday.

Someone surrounded by sparkles is Sydney’s DYLAN. The out-and-proud singer-songwriter shone when he was one of The 100 on Channel 7’s talent show All Together Now, and he continues to shine brightly with his new single. DYLAN wrote ‘Real Love’ about his experiences with mental abuse and his journey towards healing, noting, “It’s taken a lot of time, but I’m now at a place in my life where I’m not going to allow people to belittle me, manipulate me, and make me question my purpose and worth.” We love Buzz William’s rework of the track and we hope you do too.

The journey towards self-discovery has been a long one for Isaiah Firebrace since he won The X Factor Australia in 2016. After representing Australia at Eurovision in 2017, the Indigenous singer spent much of 2018 on a tour through regional and central Australia, sharing positive messages of support and hope for a brighter future with Indigenous schoolchildren. ‘Know Me Better’ marks a turning point in Isaiah’s career, where he feels confident about himself and his musical style. We think you’ll appreciate the newest from this most-streamed Australian Indigenous male artist.

Hans Noormets moved from his native Estonia to the hustle and bustle of LA to study music production. Working as Rozell, he met Australian DJ-producer Kalide in LA and they created ‘Critical’. This electro-house bop then headed back to Australia, where out-and-proud singer Nick Summerfield provided the vocals to finish it all off. It’s the type of track that will leave you yearning for the dance floor, but at least you can turn your radio up in the meantime!

You should definitely crank up the radio for a cover of Ciara’s 2004 Australian #2 hit, ‘1, 2 Step’, by two Irishmen. Always-shirtless fitness fanatic, radio announcer and DJ-producer Marty Guilfoyle takes the lead to transform the RnB karaoke staple into something that’s made for the club. He’s supported by John Gibbons, who is best known for his reworks of Would I Lie to You and MJ’s P.Y.T. This has got everything that makes the original great, with the addition of a very bouncy bass line. Step it out around the lounge room as you work from home.

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