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Neon Nights Show #069 “Infraghosts Interview”

“Here I am, take what you must…”

InfraGhosts is the audiovisual project of Melbourne trans new media artist Laura Davis. Her work combines new-wave inspired synthpop, dance-heavy drum machines and stirring vocals with live glitch aesthetic video art. 80’s synth hardware meet with a modern alternative dance dynamic for a sound that blends Depeche Mode with Hot Chip.
Tune in to hear Laura talk all about her track “Moment Of Trust”, how she got started in the music biz and what the future holds for Infraghosts.

In a wonderful spirit of generosity, Laura kindly donated a knife to JOY949. She commented “It’s my way of saying thanks to the community stations who support me. I always like to leave each station a personal gift.” This rather lovely utenstil also has an etching which was made by Laura herself using some arcane techniques, which I vaguely remember from when I went to trade school (hint – I think it’s etching ;).

But wait there's more! Listen to Infraghosts and we include this lovely steak knife.

But wait there’s more! Listen to Infraghosts and we include this lovely steak knife.

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Moment Of Trust EP is OUT NOW!


Melbourne new-wave inspired audiovisual synthpop artist Infra Ghosts has announced their Moment
of Trust EP launch. The debut release will be unveiled on Saturday November 19, 2016 at
nightclub and video arcade Forgotten Worlds, 113 Johnston Street, Collingwood.
The Moment of Trust EP will launch with a night of tight-and-heavy synth bangers, smoke
machines, lasers, and live circuit-bent video art, occurring as part of Forgotten World’s monthly
synth night Laser Highway. Infra Ghosts said the night will reflect a reimagined ’80s future in sound
with the EP made available in both limited edition cassette and digital download form.
The launch is Laura Davis’ first EP as an openly transgender artist. ‘I’m reluctantly letting go, I’m
ready to show what I’ve got–it’s a hopeless drop from a cliff. It’s my moment of trust, but it’s also a
party’, she said. The EP is establishing a community radio presence with airplay on Triple R, 3CR,
and JoyFM.
Infra Ghosts will be joined by immersive solo synth and visual art performer CVES and veteran
synthwave DJ Zerotonine. Laser Highway is Australia’s only dedicated synth night and a free event.


Follow Infraghosts on social media:
Official Website >> http://www.infraghosts.com/
Facebook >> https://www.facebook.com/infraghosts/
Bandcamp >> https://infraghosts.bandcamp.com/releases
YouTube >> https://www.youtube.com/c/infraghosts
Soundcloud >> https://soundcloud.com/infraghosts


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Playlist for Show 069 – 26th of November 2016

Neon Nights on JOY949 Neon Nights Theme Australian Content LGBTIQ Content
neon-nights-069-infraghsts-interview-a Interview 01:50 Australian Content LGBTIQ Content
01 01-jd-samson-men-club-thang JD Samson & Men Club Thang 4:14 LGBTIQ Content
02 neon-nights-069-infraghsts-interview-a Interview 1:20 Australian Content LGBTIQ Content
03 02-infraghosts-the-worst-in-me Infraghosts The Worst In Me 3:03 Australian Content LGBTIQ Content
04 neon-nights-069-infraghsts-interview-a Interview 0:34 Australian Content LGBTIQ Content
05 03-divine-shoot-your-shot Divine Shoot Your Shot 3:25 LGBTIQ Content
06 neon-nights-069-infraghsts-interview-a Interview 1:02 Australian Content LGBTIQ Content
07 04-moonsign-falling-infraghosts-remix MoonSign Falling (InfraGhosts Remix) 3:40 Australian Content LGBTIQ Content
08 neon-nights-069-infraghsts-interview-a Interview Australian Content LGBTIQ Content
09 05-beth-ditto-i-wrote-the-book Beth Ditto I Wrote The Book 3:24 LGBTIQ Content
10 neon-nights-069-infraghsts-interview-a Interview Australian Content LGBTIQ Content
11 06-depeche-mode-enjoy-the-silence Depeche Mode Enjoy The Silence 4:06
12 neon-nights-069-infraghsts-interview-a Interview 0:46 Australian Content LGBTIQ Content
13 07-infraghosts-enjoy-the-process Infraghosts Enjoy The Process 5:49 Australian Content LGBTIQ Content
14 neon-nights-069-infraghsts-interview-a Interview  0:59 Australian Content LGBTIQ Content
15 09-infraghosts-moment-of-trust Infraghosts Moment Of Trust  3:37 Australian Content LGBTIQ Content
16 neon-nights-069-infraghsts-interview-a Interview 1:41 Australian Content LGBTIQ Content
17 10-silver-factory-superstars-cant-say-goodnight Silver Factory Superstars Cant Say Goodnight 3:25 LGBTIQ Content
18 neon-nights-069-infraghsts-interview-a Interview 0:48 Australian Content LGBTIQ Content
19 Parralox Parralox Flamboyant  4:19 Australian Content LGBTIQ Content

LGBTIQ Content LGBTIQ Content
Australian Artist Australian Content


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