Neon Nights - 097 - Top Of The Flops

Neon Nights Show #097 “Top Of The Flops”

“How often does a dream come true…”

Stock, Aitken & Waterman have sold millions of records globally and changed the face of music in the late 80s. We all know and love artists such as Rick Astley, Kylie, Dead Or Alive, Bananarama and more. But what of the many SAW songs and artists that never quite made it? Tonight the world hears these would-be smash hits. We’ll be playing some tracks that should have been amazing hits, but for some reason never quite took the world by storm. Artists Include Dead Or Alive, O’Chi Brown, Kylie Minogue, Boy Krazy, Eric, The Twins, Sinitta, Nancy Davis, Lonnie Gordon, Fresh, Brilliant , Carol Hitchcock. What A Night!

All this and more on your favourite Saturday Night Dance show hosted by John von Ahlen and Costa Lakoumentas on JOY 949….Show #97 “Top Of The Flops” on Neon Nights!

Electronically Yours,
John von Ahlen

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Playlist for Show 97 – 15th of July, 2017

Neon Nights on JOY949 Australian Content LGBTIQ Content
01 Lonnie Gordon If I Have To Stand Alone 3.28 LGBTIQ Content
02 Kylie Minogue Things Can Only Get Better 4.36 LGBTIQ Content
03 Sinitta I Don’t Believe In Miracles 3.24 Australian Content LGBTIQ Content
04 Laura Branigan Shattered Glass 3.41 LGBTIQ Content
05 O’Chi Brown Whenever You Need Somebody 3.26 LGBTIQ Content
06 Dead Or Alive Hooked On Love 3.37 LGBTIQ Content
07 Brilliant Love Is War 3.43 LGBTIQ Content
08 Bananarama Love, Truth and Honesty 3.44 Australian Content LGBTIQ Content
09 Carol Hitchcock Get Ready 3.31 LGBTIQ Content
10 Donna Summer If It Makes You Feel Good 3.46 LGBTIQ Content
11 Hazell Dean Better Off Without You 3.31 LGBTIQ Content
12 Erik The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea 3.45 LGBTIQ Content
Bonus Podcast Content – 4 SAW songs – Especially For You 😉
13 Bananarama More Than Physical (7 Mix) Remixed by Stock, Aitken, Waterman & Mike Duffy 3.44
14 Kylie Minogue Always Find The Time 3.36
15 Nancy Davis If You Belonged To Me (Slammin Edit) 4.45
16 The Twins All Mixed Up 3.10

LGBTIQ Content LGBTIQ Content
Australian Artist Australian Content

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