Show 224 – Stock Aitken Waterman – All the (s)HITS and more

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Neon Nights - 224 - All the sHits and More

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Come Inside on Neon Nights show # 224 cos we ain’t never gonna be respectable.presented by John von AhlenParralox & Costa Lakoumentas.
From smash hits to the all time chart (s)hits, we shine the light on the hit making empire that rose on the dancefloors, conquered the charts & crumbled in the 90s.
With the hits came the hate but for us pop kids, it is still the sound that defined a decade.
Joining us once more is super fan Mr Jim Petroutsos.

Tracklist for “SAW – All The (s)Hits and More”

Lonnie Gordon – If I Have To Stand Alone (Club Mix)
Donna Summer – If I Makes You Feel Good (New Extended Feelgood Mix)
Bananarama – Some Girls
Hazell Dean – Better Off Without You (Lickin’ Mx)
Laura Branigan – Shattered Glass
O’Chi Brown – Whenever You Need Somebody
Dead Or Alive – Come Inside (7″ Mix)
Michael Prince – Dance Your Love Away (12″ PWL Mix)
Carol Hitchcock – Get Ready
EG Daily – Mind Over Matter (PWL Extended Mix)
Rick Astley – Don’t Say Goodbye
Paul Lekakis – Fruit Machine
Kylie Minogue – Turn It Into Love (Extended Intro Mix)

All this & always vomiting over that god awful Disco Album cover on Neon Nights, the NUMBER ONE downloaded podcast on JOY949, and NUMBER ONE LGBTIQ Music Podcast in Australia.

Hosted by John von Ahlen /Parralox & Costa Lakoumentas.

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