On The Line – 11 April 2013


Current Queer Affairs – News and Views you need to know.

partnerspeak2Every other week it seems that the TV news reports Federal Police arresting people for viewing images of child abuse on the internet.  Society demonises such perpetrators, but what happens to the partners of these people.  Sadly their life is all-too-often left shattered too.  PartnerSpeak.org is an organisation founded to support the partners of such people.  Its founder Natalie Walker joins us to discuss why such an organisation is so important.

The Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commissioner Karen Toohey discusses the recent “Fair Go Sport” phase #1 report and highlights how far we still have to go before equality on the sporting field is achieved.

fc14c_402477Overnight reports of Sydney’s Rainbow Crossing being destroyed, were doing the rounds on twitter.  Independent Member for Sydney Alex Greenwich joins to talk about the cloak and dagger way in which this destruction was executed and to discuss the developments regarding Police brutality during the 2013 Mardi Gras Parade.

Next week the “Health In Difference” conference comes to Melbourne and a free open forum for sex and gender diverse people is being held.  Lisa from Genderqueer Australia explains further.

Finally Benn Dorrington from Star Observer newspaper reveals what will be in the paper tomorrow.