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Out%20Takes%20Jan%2025th%202016%20%283%29As we acknowledge the theatrical release of Tom Hooper’s The Danish Girl, the team turn their attention to trans representation in film. Based on the groundbreaking novel by David Ebershoff, The Danish Girl chronicles the life of painter and transgender pioneer Lili Elbe as she comes to terms with her gender identity.

From the critically panned Glen or Glenda to the playful and punk rock Hedwig and the Angry Inch, we ask how transgender people have been represented over the years, and why representation is so important.

To help us explore the big and topical question of trans representation, we’re joined in the studio by JOY’s own Michelle Shepherd, the host of Transpositions. We also speak with Sally Goldner, director of Transgender Victoria.


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Conrad Browne has been involved at JOY 94.9 since 2005 as a volunteer and staff member, including the role of General Manager from 2011 – 2015.


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