Growing old is mandatory, Growing up is optional: LGBTIQ Seniors in Film


This week on Out Takes we celebrating the Victorian Seniors Festival by looking at some of the most poignant films to spotlight the lives and relationships of older LGBTIQ people: think BEGINNERS, GERONTOPHILIA, and LOVE IS STRANGE. These are important, sometimes confronting and sometimes heart warming films that remind us how important it is not just to see the LGBTIQ community, but all cross sections of that community, on our screens – no matter their age.maxresdefault

To help us take stock of how older LGBTIQ people are represented, and the issues affecting their lives, we speak with Catherine Barrett, the coordinator of Alice’s Garage, a blog established to empower older LGBTIQ Australians.

Essential Viewing: Beginners (2010) Dir. Mike Mills.

Hungry for More: Gerontophilia (2013) Dir. Bruce La Bruce.