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This week on Out Takes we turned our attention to gay men and their bodies. We asked whether the gay community has a preoccupation with the body beautiful and if it does, whether Hollywood is complicit with it.

To help us with this enquiry, we were joined by DREAMBOAT director Tristan Milewski. We spoke with Tristan about his probing new documentary and what it has to say about the relationship between the gay community and the body beautiful.

We also revisited some of the most potent films to explore the importance of the body beautiful within the gay psyche: think GOAT, MOONLIGHT and BEAUTY. These are films that use a queer lens to interrogate and challenge the relationship between the body and masculinity.


About the author: Conrad


Conrad Browne has been involved at JOY 94.9 since 2005 as a volunteer and staff member, including the role of General Manager from 2011 – 2015.


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