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For this Out Takes program, we celebrated films that are fat and fabulous: think John Water’s original Hairspray and Camp.

Our guest was film maker and radical body politics activist Kelli Jean Drinkwater. We chatted with Drinkwater about her new documentary, ‘Nothing to Lose’, which screens as part of the Queer Screen Film Fest next month. ‘Nothing to Lose’ charts the production of the similarly titled stage performance, which sought to give choreographic language to larger bodies.

We also spoke with Drinkwater about the representation of fat bodies in film. We know that representation matters; that seeing ourselves on screen is important. So why are there so few larger bodies on our screen? We unpacked this loaded question as we celebrate films that are fat and fabulous!

Essential viewing: Hairspray (Dir. John Waters, 1988)

Hungry for more: Camp (Dir. Todd Graff, 2003)


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Conrad Browne has been involved at JOY 94.9 since 2005 as a volunteer and staff member, including the role of General Manager from 2011 – 2015.


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