This week on Out Takes, as the COVID19 public health crisis continues to take a devastating toll on communities and industries around the world, we turned our attention to the impact that COVID19 has had on our local film and cinema industries. You can also see it’s had a huge affect on how we bring you Out Takes every week but thanks to some great technology and a little bit of magic we’re making it work!

Film productions are in hiatus, cinemas are closed and the industry is scrambling to find a way to survive what could be a very bleak few months. But what does this mean for local productions? For cinephiles? For all of us who depend on cinema to reflect our lives back to us and to entertain us?

To help us unpack these timely and important questions we were joined by Cinema Nova CEO Kristian Connelly and local Australian film maker Sophie Hardcastle, whose new film CLOUDY RIVER is now available for streaming on SBS on Demand.

Connelly joined us to talk about the impact of COVID19 on Cinema Nova and like cinemas around Australia, while Hardcastle talked about the effect of the pandemic on local production, as well as her bold new ode to freedom, flirtation and fluidity, which may just be your next binge worthy online treat.

Thanks once again to our community radio friends at Vision Australia Radio for their support in helping Out Takes produce our weekly program during these trying times plus don’t forget to catch up on all of our podcasts (200+ and counting!) via the JOY website or on Spoitfy.