Queer Webseries with special guests Hannah Ngo and Boaz Stark

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This week on Out Takes, as we continue to scramble for online content like we never really have before, we took al ook at some of the best, or most queer and campy web series, available online. And we asked the million dollar question, what makes a good web series?

To help us with this question we were joined by online content creator and producer of IGGY & ACE 5EVA, Hannah Ngo. IGGY & ACE 5EVA is a new, Screen Australia funded web series that explores friendship, addiction and recovery through a queer lens. 

We also revisited our chat with Boaz Stark, the writer director and producer of THE HORIZON. Set in Sydney, THE HORIZON follows country boy Jake as he explores life and love in the big city. It is apparently the most watched web series in the world, grossing over 80,000 views every day.