Moro Spanish Film Festival and the South African Film Festival


It’s well know that we love a good film festival at Out Takes so this week we were excited to take a look at two that are on now and through May in Melbourne and around Australia.

First up is the Moro Spanish Film Festival which has a curated selection of 34 films offering Australian film lovers a cinematic journey across Spain and Latin America. Our first guest was Diana Paez, a Melbourne based filmmaker who’s fantastic documentary ‘Nuestra Voces’ (Our Voices) is featured in this years festival. This moving documentary tells the story of a group of Spanish-speaking migrants who arrived in Victoria between the 1960s and 80s, showcasing their contribution to the social and cultural fabric of Australia. We also talked to Benjamin Zeccola who is not only the CEO of Palace Cinemas but also the driving force behind the team that is bringing the Moro Spanish Film Festival back in 2022 to cinemas around Australia. We spoke to Ben following the recent success of the festival’s opening night and we looked at some of the great films on offer this year.

Next up we turned our attention to the South African Film Festival which is being held from May 7 – 24 at cinemas and online across Australia. This not-for-profit event is organised by a group of passionate volunteers to showcase South African talent, culture and diversity and support educational opportunities for disadvantaged children. We spoke with Dr Melanie Chait who’s documentary ‘Dance Me To the End of Time’ is featured in this year’s festival. This beautiful and sensitive film charts the life and battle with cancer of acclaimed British theatremaker Nancy Diuguid, made by her life partner and award-winning filmmaker, Melanie Chait. The documentary tells this intimate story of their life together, their love for one another, the creation of their family, and the way they deal with Nancy’s prognosis. This documentary is not an extended meditation on death, but rather a celebration of an energised and involved life.