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Welcome to our weekly news bulletin for the gay and lesbian community, broadcast nationally via the Community Radio Network and on JOY 949. News this week includes;

  • More than 100 people have been sent to concentration camps for gay men in Chechnya.
  • A dying Australian man has plead with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to legalise same sex marriage before he passes away.
  • The Safe Schools program is set to be scrapped in NSW and Tasmania once federal funding runs out later this year.
  • Tasmanian Premier, Will Hodgman has delivered a historic apology to those convicted under the states former laws against homosexuality and cross dressing.
  • More than 1200 Queenslander’s are participating in a state Government PrEP trial.

In Sport;

  • A new production of Romeo and Juliet has cast 2 male Premier League Soccer players.
  • USA Volleyball is standing up for a trans player, who was criticized for playing in the women’s league.
  • Olympic soccer player, Michelle Heyman, says she can’t wait to show affection towards her girlfriend in public at an upcoming soccer awards night.



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