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Welcome to our weekly news bulletin for the gay and lesbian community, broadcast nationally via the Community Radio Network and on JOY 949. News this week includes;

  • The late guy marriage equality advocate, Peter Bonsall-Boone, has been awarded The Order of Australia.
  • Australia recently held it’s first pageant style competition for men who engage in puppy play.
  • A new campaign in the US is pushing to add a black and a brown stripe to the iconic rainbow flag.
  • More than 100 religious leaders from all major religions around Australia have signed a joint statement calling on Malcolm Turnbull to legislate for civil and marriage equality now.
  • A diverse range of trans people will share their experiences in a night of story telling and entertainment as part of Sydney Pride.
  • A group of 49 people dressed as angels have surrounded the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, a year after the tragic shootings took place.

In Sport;

  • In the US, an 8 year old girl has been disqualified from a soccer tournament for looking like a boy.
  • Brisbane’s QUT hockey club has raised awareness for sexual and gender diversity in sport by wearing rainbow themed uniforms during their match against Commercial Hockey Club.
  • The arena named after anti-gay tennis legend, Margaret Court, has been temporarily renamed on Google Maps.

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