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Welcome to our weekly news bulletin for the gay and lesbian community, broadcast nationally via the Community Radio Network and on JOY 949. News this week includes;

  • Sydney newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, has come under fire on social media for an article and spread, suggesting that being LGBTIQ is health issue among secondary school kids.
  • Victoria Police arrested a man at Wet on Wellington recently as part of an ongoing investigation into a reported sexual assault.
  • New statistics¬†show that men have given birth to 54 babies in Australia¬†in the last year.
  • The nominations for the 69th Prime Time Emmy Awards were announced overnight, with LGBTIQ shows and stars making a strong showing.
  • While gay men have been reportedly have been persecuted in Chechnya in a crises that began last year, according to recent reports, all LGBTIQ people in Chechnya may be targeted.
  • Malta has voted to legalise same sex marriage.

In Sport;

  • Aussie Cricketer, Elyse Villani, has come out as gay.
  • The America Soccer Federation has failed to stop Mexican fans from shouting ant-gay slurs during matches.
  • Boxer, Floyd Mayweather has hurled a homophobic slur at Connor McCregor during a press conference.

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