JOY Law: What happens if you get left out of the will?


JOY Law for LGBTI community and rainbow families

Jack and Bridget join Rach, Jacq and Dene to talk about what you can do if you get left out of a family member’s will.

Challenging a will

We chat about:

  • steps to follow when challenging a will
  • demonstrating that you are an “eligible person”
  • moral obligations to provide for your maintenance and support
  • timeframes to challenge the validity of a will
  • equality for LGBTI people.

JOY Law – on-air and via podcast

Kris and the team from KHQ Lawyers join Rach, Jacq and Dene for ‘JOY Law’, a regular segment where we discuss legal issues of interest to the LGBTI and ally community.

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  • family law advice for rainbow families
  • surrogacy
  • sperm and egg donation agreements
  • adoption and co-parenting
  • estate planning
  • succession planning, and
  • taxation.

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