/ Rainbow Report / News & Politics / JOY 94.9 (The Rainbow Report) 16 October 08


Host Doug Pollard and Studio Guests Cathy Anderson, Hayley Conway & Corey Irlam start by talking to the Editor of Out in Perth regarding Perth Pride and other issues in Perth. Corey Irlam reports on the Family Law Bill, Senate Committee decisions and Malcolm Turnbull’s Chief of Staff.
The Rainbow Report Team then talks to the acting President of the Foster Care Association of Victoria,
Kim Rea who is also the facilitator of the Gay and Lesbian Foster Careers Support Group.
The Rainbow Report team then talk to Mr Ian Seal who has first hand experience as a foster Carer however he is very disappointed with the decision that adoption is still not an option
Ms Kaye Sera puts her special view the financial recession or is that depression Kaye gives Kevin Rudd some advice about tough times from the Gay and Lesbian Community
Doug returns next week, for another edition of the Rainbow Report.


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