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With Regular host Doug Pollard on the sick list this week stand in host Tim Newton and special Guest Scott Bradford in the Studio talk to Corey Irlam about the Rainbow Family Council and the Rally in Melbourne. Also Corey updates us on the National Law Reform in Canberra regarding same sex equality.
Tim and Scott talk to Ray Mckereth the Publisher of Qnews in Qld. The Qld State Police GLBTI
Co-ordinator announced that he would stand aside in November and make way for a new State Police GLBTI Co-ordinator. We find out why?
And with the running of the Melbourne Cup Field of Candidates for the next Mayor of Melbourne we talk to the next unlikely bedfellows as one is from the Liberal side of Politics and the other is from Labor, we get there views on how the city of Melbourne should be run.
And Shelly Argent from PFLAG tells us about a new resource they are working on.
Ms Kaye Sera returns and she puts her special view on the value of bad man and internet filtering.
Doug will hopefully return next week, for another edition of the Rainbow Report.


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