JOY 94.9 (The Rainbow Report) 05 March 09



Rainbow Report Host Doug Pollard was away supervising Chillout so Cathy Anderson steps into the big chair this week with another informative program studio guests include:
We welcome back Rainbow report Stalwart Ron Theile and Andie Noonan from Southern Star and our own Kaye Sera. In this edition of the Rainbow report the studio guests talk to Hayley Conway from the VGLRL. The VGLRL are pushing the pollies for a Sexual orientation and Gender identity Anti-Discrimination Bill and a formal stance on Civil Unions. Deborah Peppard is planning to build a gay only retirement village in Melbourne she talks to Cathy Anderson, and with International Woman’s Day the Rainbow Report team look at events on that Day. And with Mardi Gras and Chillout on the same weekend The Spin Host Tim Newton and Rainbow Report host Doug Pollard look at the different festivals. Kaye Sera dons her special Festival Bonnet and talks about everything Festival.