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Tonight’s show is all about being smart. As we’ve said on this program several times: it’s smart to conserve our history, because in the past we’ve so often been written out. One of the most important parts of that history is the AIDS Memorial Quilt.

James Rendell, Lord Abbott of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence of the Abbey of the Black Swan, and Vice Chair of PWLHA/WA reveals the sad story of how the West Australian portion of the quilt may have been damaged by some not-so-smart treatment.

Where's the rest of the quilt?

Where’s the rest of the quilt?

From history to the future, and what is our future if not our children. The Pinnacle Foundation provides mentoring and scholarship to smart LGBTI students in need of help. Till now they’ve been strong in NSW but rather less so here in Melbourne, but that’s changing. Bodhan Abrat explains.

We’d all like life to be simple, I think, with as little complication as possible. So when the idea of HIV prevention through the use of anti-retroviral drugs came along, most of us jumped at it. On the surface it looks like a very smart idea.

But HIV isn’t the only sexually transmitted disease out there, and that one pill a day will not protect us against any of them.

Take gonorrhoea. Once it was no big deal, but now new strains that are resistant to all treatments are coming along. We’re going to have to get smarter. Professor Kit Fairley of the Melbourne Sexual Health Centre explains.

Rainbow Report Producer James Newburrie will be on hand with his usual incisive insights and questions, filling the co-host spot.

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PS There will be no Rainbow Report next week: the show will return on 23 May.


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