Rainbow Report Looking to the Future


pic by nerdcoregirl

Well now that we’ve all picked ourselves up off the canvas it’s time to put our shoulders to the wheel and leaving no cliché unturned accept with good grace that it’s no good crying over spilt milk, and march boldly into the future with heads held high.

Or something like that.

The Victorian AIDS Council is doing just that, having restructured itself and adopted a strategic plan. CEO Matt Dixon explains.

The ACT Thursday morning will table a same-sex marriage bill, the first shot in the marriage battle since the Abbottaclypse. ACT Attorney General Simon Corbell tells us he wants Federal Labor to back him if Tony and the boys come after him.

And they have begun: the PM has confirmed that the government will seek legal advice, the first step to overriding this legislation. Australian Marriage Equality have started a petition to urge them not to, click here.

It nearly Bi-Visibility Day: Rebecca Dominguez of Bi Alliance Victoria is brought to us tonight by the often overlooked letter B in LGBTI.

Celebrate Bisexuality Day  Monday, 23 September 2013, 7pm, Lord Newry Hotel, upstairs function room, 543 Brunswick Street. email for details

And finally, Tony Briffa may not be Mayor of Hobsons Bay any more, but there’s still work to be done. Tony has embarked on an ambitious plan to build an LGBTI alliance through all of Australia’s local authorities.

And then of course, there’s you. Please join us with your thoughts and opinions in the usual manner.