Rainbow Report On More Election Issues We’re Not Talking About


scott ryan This week I’m looking at MORE of those ‘should be an election issue but isn’t’ issues – this week, permissible discrimination, AIDS prevention, LGBTI age care, and gay refugees, as we head into the election and a new era in Australian politics.

One of the big barriers to LGBTI equality is the extremely generous exemptions to discrimination law given, for example, to religious-run schools.  NSW state MP for Sydney Alex Greenwich is trying to change that, at least in his state.

Also in NSW, ACON, the former Aids Council, has come under stinging criticism from activist group New ACT-UP, petitioning NSW Dept of Health for the organisation to be reviewed.  Veteran activist and spokesperson Tony Pincombe explains why.

No representative of ACON was available to join us.

The Kaleidoscope Trust is a UK charity, headed by the Speaker of the British Parliament, the Rt Hon John Bercow, that helps activists on the ground in countries where it’s illegal to be gay. Now they’re starting an Australian branch: Director Douglas Pretsell joins me in the studio.

And finally, I’ll be asking Victorian Liberal Senator Scott Ryan about the coalition attitude to the LGBTI health & ageing strategy put in place by Mark Butler, LGBTI refugees, and more.

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