Penises, Politics & Pauline Pantsdown


Sparks flew during this edition of Saturday Magazine. Guest co-host Fiona Patten, leader of the Australian Sex Party, went head to head with political satirist Simon Hunt, better known as Pauline Pantsdown. Hunt stirred up talk earlier in the week when he raised concerns over the Sex Party preferencing One Nation before The Greens. But Fiona argued that with a Senate seat set to be won by either the Sex Party or Family First, things aren’t necessarily so straightforward.

JOY 94.9’s Director of News and Current Affairs Tim Lennox also dropped by for a chat about the Ballarat International Foto Bienale and a special presentation by former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser. And host of JOY’s The Vixen Hour Christian Vega stepped into the studio for a chat about the misconceptions that Sex Workers face, and stuck around for the Liberation Conversation.

The hosts had an excellent chat with writer and Monash University lecturer Sarah Malik about her article detailing the culture of skin bleaching in India. And then Dr. Binoy Kampmark from the WikiLeaks Party joined the show for a discussion about what one of this election’s most talked about possibilities hopes to achieve.