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It’s a brand new month with Macca and Tass as they first talk to Mark Hawthorn live from a news conference where the leading newspapers are put under scrutiny.

Dr. Martha Agostino from the University of Adelaide chimes in with her thoughts on this racist controversy.

John Manwarring from Living Positive discusses the effects of the HIV age study.

Tony Kennan, chief executive of Launch Housing Services, talks about he takes care of the homeless he meets, especially of the LGBTI variety.

Then Tony, Tass and Macca examine what the state government are doing about combating homelessness.

After Dear Future Husband (not included), campaign manager Barry Kenya talks about the annual drive for children’s medical research known as Jeans For Genes.

Next up is a pre-recorded interview with talented songstress Katie Noonan, in an exchange with Pete.

SlutTea – a fête, market and beauty salon rolled into one – is presented by Lisa Dibb of SlutWalk.

Pete, the interloper, pops into the studio to talk sport along with Dan Winegan, including the AFL and cricket (to the chagrin of Macca and Tass).

Aired on 1st of August, 2015.


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