This week, Macca is joined by co-host Bronie Pyke (not to be confused with Bishop), panelist Pete, Tass and Josh.

They look at how our politicians use their money and how Bronie can avoid confusion over her surname.

Pete presents an interview with A.J. Cahens with their journey into trans-sexuality, showcased on ABC’s Australian Story.

Alison Wilson, CEO of Positive Women Victoria, is contacted to explain what her consortium does and how women are marginalised in HIV treatment.

David Minigue gives his personal experience living with HIV and his association with Living Positive Victoria.

Then the crew return to Choppergate once more to discuss the ramifications and long-lasting effects of all involved.

Lilly Katz comes in to talk about her involvement of the Melbourne International Film Festival, including her project, Stories I Want To Tell You In Person.

Greens MP Bob Brown comes in to share his unique experiences as an openly gay politician and how he has empowered the community.

Then they focus on how marriage equality and deforestation are hampered by several higher powers, especially in Australia.

Finally, Bob is asked one important question: did he find it better to work with Gillard or Rudd?

Aired on 8th of August, 2015.