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Azran and Youchen joined Pete and Paul to chat about their Midsumma Festival show “Queer Asians Anonymous. Azran produced the show based on his experience being a gay, Asian, Muslim and the ingrained racism that he experienced throughout his life. Youchen is one of 8 performers in the show that explores what its like to live with racism as part of their lives. Personally, I wish their show every success and hope that it opens up a broader dialogue around racism within Australia.

How does it feel to be a minority within a minority?

Welcome to another group session where queer Asian men unpack issues and concerns that impact them being not only a sexual minority but also a racial minority in a predominantly White Australia.

From the eternal cultural debate of “East versus West” to the much-debated sexual racism of “No Curry, No Rice” to demystifying the Model Minority myth and identity politics, this play looks into these issues (and more) through the eyes and voices of the men in a newly established queer Asian support group.

So, fill out the sign-up sheet; pull up a chair and watch a group of queer/gay Asians (Gaysians?) discuss, opine and argue about being gay and Asian in an oh-so White gay Melbourne.

Queer Asians Anonymous is on at The Footscray Community Arts Centre from 4-9 February

Tickets are available through http://midsumma.org.au



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