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Episode #14 Tuesday April the 8th 2014

This week we are talking Ga[y]mes! Games on film, when video games become movies, same-sex in games & Dreamworks in Melbourne!

DylStick is back in the studio at Joy 94.9 with The Squeamer talking about those video games that we all adore and what he thinks of the ones that made it to the big screen and FAILED!?

What do you think? Which is the baddest…Resident Evil ? Tomb Raider ? Street Fighter II?

….Also The Squeamer and guest host Johnny Lemon caught up with Luke Karmali, UK based Junior Editor at IGN Online. To talk about homophobia in games, LGBTIQ characters and representation, and what needs to change.


Ga[y]me Articles


And finally The Dreamworks Exhibition has ARRIVED in Melbourne-town!

The Squeamer spoke to Doug Cooper, the Visual Effects Supervisor of Dreamworks Animation….Sonja was blown away by Doug, inspiring and fascinating and all around great guy. The exhibition runs throughout winter at ACMI here in Melbourne, so if you’re here or feel like visiting make sure to check it out!




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