GeekGirlSpeak! Podcast #5 : Jessica Meads and Cosplay

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Yes it is # 5 Podcast special on the topic of being a girl, women, in POP Culture and geek media ! Ladies of the Nerd for 2014 in the studio at JOY 949.   This one is with JM Cosplay AKA Jess Meads!

BELOW: Jess as Jon Snow from Game of Thrones!

Jess Snow podcast image


Jess talks to The Squeamer in this special long podcast about the experiences she has had as a hard working and passionate Cosplayer and importantly as a Crossplayer…..gender swapping cosplaying…

She talks of her love from Xena warrior Princess to Lara Croft to G.O.T’s Jon Snow, X-Men and more….so we ask what is “beard day” ?  does Cosplay have to be from Anime? What is Kaos Con? What of “Fake Geek Girls” ? Sexuality, Sexism, feminism and self-esteem….it’s all here in this ONE podcast!

JM Cosplay and Crossplay image for full interview



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