Farewell to a Beautiful Alien : A Tribute to Robin Williams


Welcome to episode # 32 Tuesday the 12th of August 2014 in the JOY 949 studios Melbourne town.


Sonja The Squeamer is joined live in the studio with Gerry Costigan and Matt Emery with his comics Paper Trail and due to the shock of the loss of Robin Williams ( forever a favourite ‘alien’ ) they pay tribute to this amazing man as only Geeks can!

From Mork from Ork to The World According to Garp and more…


Matt Emery RETURNS as well with Paper Trail and chats and updates us all on what is happening in the comicsverse for the Independent and local comic creators and that includes Aussie and Kiwi creatives like Frank Candiloro and NZ ICON:

CHRIS KNOX!!   and here is Grafix Knox a project that will be all about Chris’s work SUPPORT IT HERE! 

Matt also has a new WEBPAGE for Pikitia Press and it is VERY NICE find it HERE!

here is the Tumblr too !

papre trail 2 maori maiden download

Here is an article about ‘cross dresser ‘ comics creative Simon Hanselmann  

Simon is a guest at SPX ( Small Press Expo in Washington D.C ) , his book Megahex from Fantagraphics is launching there, with a  20 date book tour around the US to follow! We predict he will be a BIG star!  

Matt will be taking his Paper Trail to SPX in Washington DC, USA next month…so we can’t wait till he gets back with all the goings on that went on there!

SPX tumblr

And finally The Squeamer plays her interview with the Spierig Brothers, ( contains SPOILERS! ) the Aussie who made this years mysterious and intriguing sci-fi movie that was the MIFF premiere film for the festival opening night for 2014: PREDESTINATION….

Fascinating and GENDER bending..?  Only one way to find OUT..go and see this film from AUGUST 28, 2014, when it will be released in Oz at all good cinemas..Thanks to Pinnacle and to Annette Smith.

BELOW: Spierig’s with leading lady Sarah Snook at MIFF Gala Night Opening of Predestination  2014.


We dedicate this episode to the awesome man, Robin Williams. A talented and exceptional comedian, actor, gamer, advocate, who made us laugh… and cry.