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Episode # 46 (technically show # 246!)  Joy studios LIVE Tuesday the 25th of November 2014!

Night Terrace banner - complete series

In the studio The Squeamer was joined with co-host Brendan Bale as they tortured guests ( in a good way!) especially for the JOY 21st special: guests include John Richards and Ben Mackenzie from Splendid Chaps talking Night Terrace along with the sound man extra-ordinaire David Ashton and his little friend Robert Moog and Zak Hepburn from Cultastrophe talking about Monster Fest’s Friday the 13th 


We also played snippets from our interviews with Jen and Sylvia Soska out here for Monster fest 2014 and the boys Conor and Matt from Astron 6!

It’s a Canadian Invasion! and a fabulous and happy 21st birthday to JOY 949!

happy b day 1


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