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In the studio LIVE we have The Squeamer talking to the Ladies of Horror Jessica Cameron film maker and actress and Tristan Risk AKA Little Miss Risk Burlesque performer and actress, about their experiences as two of the much in demand and loved and VERY busy working women in the Horror film genre of today ,here for the 1st time in Oz for Monster Fest 2014 !!

tristan and jessica with shadowbeam 1

We also have the gorgeous little FELINE with Jessica and TristanShadowbeam!  Now Shadowbeam still needs a home (as far as we know, as yet not confirmed ) and he and other darlings like him you can find here at The Lost Dogs Home in Melbourne for adoption!

Help us find a Forever Home for Shadowbeam click here for HIS Deets!

Call(03)93292755 Lost Dogs Home, North Melbourne

So find out much more about Jessica’s movies from Truth or Dare , showing for the 1st time in Oz here at Monster Fest to the recent ones in production like Mania, Desolation and Kill The Production Assistant, nothing can stop this talented and creative woman!!


And for Tristan Risk learn about her travels as a Burlesque performer to a much sought after genre actress in roles like that of cult classic Beatress Johnston in American Mary and now she is appearing in ABCs of Death 2 in T is for Torture Porn ( with The Soskas again) and this was what the NY times said about her Beatress:

‘So Beatress has had work done. Lots of work: “14 different surgeries to get me to look like this” — a nightmare Betty Boop, with a synthetic, cartoonish face to supplement her ’50s homemaker dresses and a Kewpie-doll voice uttering the occasional obscene epithet. Beatress is just one fascinating player in this compelling film about appearances and their manipulation.’ For us Tristan’s Beatress STEALS every scene she appears in!

Beatress Johnston 1

Article here about the Canadian Invasion in Melbourne November 2014!

Enjoy this podcast and it does have a WARNING it contains strong language and Horror Themes.


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