Women In Video Games: Improving Things for Everyone, PAX 2014


November 1st , 5.00pm , 2014 at PAX Australia at the Melbourne Convention Center Sonja Hammer and Sebastian Mittelman were lucky to get into the panel that inspires: Women In Video Games: Improving Things for Everyone !

IMG_5718RebeccaFernandez (1)

It was an intriguing panel with an eclectic group of panelists as diverse as it’s topic with : Rebecca Fernandez [Chapter Leader, IGDA Sydney], Mary King [Digital Marketing Consultant, Contractor], Nicole Stark [Co-Director, Disparity Games], James Dominguez [Journalist, Fairfax Digital], Tara Brannigan [Community Relationship Manager, PikPok], Leigh Harris [Director, Flat Earth Games].

Discussions led to talking about Girl Gamer the term and should it even exist?  THE “elephant in the room” :Gamergate, and not giving it power, the positives of the game developing industry and how do women fare in it ? Sexism, in what way does it effect women and men,female characters in games..are there enough, is 50/50 enough too?  Trolling and how to fix it?  What of Transgender involvement in the games industry and as video games characters? Legal systems and responsibility in social media and a whole lot more plus a Q and A with a engaged audience! 


Check out the podcast of this LIVE event, and find out what the panelists and the audience think !

and here is the Video :

And good news for locals here !