GeekGirlSpeak! Podcast #6 Kirsty Sculler, a Geek Passion


It’s looking back at 2014 with the WHOLE full interview with Kirsty Sculler video game Geek and Cosplayer and teacher and strong female in the video games male dominated ‘verse!  Kirsty joined The Squeamer in the studio for this special podcast for GeekGirlSpeak!

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‘Co-host and video game reviewer for New Game Plus, cosplayer and games academic. Oh, and wearer of pretty dresses.’

She co-host on :  ‘New Game Plus is a new look take on gaming TV. Incorporating a strong gaming focus, with a healthy dose of related subcultures, NG+ aims to bring you thoughtful reviews, exclusive interviews and event coverage, and the best videos from a range of specialist contributors.’

kirsty new game plus

Airing weekly, check out NG+ on C31 Monday nights at 10:30pm, TVS Thursdays at 11pm, FaceTV Fridays at 9pm or at www.newgameplus.tv.

“Gaming is growing at a fantastic pace..and we are struggling with our identity as gamers” Kirsty Sculler on games today.

So what does Kirsty think about sexism in the games community? Is it a problem? Who inspires who ? What message does she have for Geek Girls ? Here is her philosophy on what it means to be a female gamer, Cos Player and co-host /producer of TV’s New Game Plus…and much more…

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