Queenie Chan and The Art of Comics and Comic Publishing


Sonja The Squeamer chats to comics artist Queenie Chan :


…..‘ began drawing a 3-volume mystery-horror series called “The Dreaming” for LA-based manga publisher TOKYOPOP. To date, it has been translated into multiple languages.

She has since collaborated on several single-volume graphic novels with best-selling author Dean Koontz, as prequels to his “Odd Thomas” series of novels. After that, she worked on Small Shen, the prequel to Kylie Chan’s “White Tiger” Chinese fantasy series.

She is currently living in Sydney, Australia, and is working on a series of 8 short ghost stories, titled “The Man with the Axe in his Back”. It will be out as e-books in both prose and comics-prose format in August 2014.’


In this full interview Queenie talks about her passion for Manga and being a Manga artist at Tokyo Pop, she chats too about being a woman in the comics industry and about how Manga translates in the Western comics community. Is Manga for Girls? Queenie explains the controversy and the misunderstandings about the differences,touching on the sub-genres like Bishōnen (Boys Love) and how that effects queer readership. So from Sailor Moons, to Video Games to Japanese Pop Culture and her own work and also how she thinks publishing comics is still in a transitional stage.

Listen to this Podcast with the amazing and talented Queenie Chan as she discusses gay characters in comics and having strong female protagonists in comics and films and much much more !

Enjoy !!