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Sonja The Squeamer got a chance to speak to the CEO and co-founder Laila Shabir at LearnDistrict ,they are the folk who made this: Girls Make Games !


Sonja headed along to the final presentation of Girls Make Games Learning Camp in Melbourne ( the 1st one in Melbourne ) held at RMIT in January ( yes, we know it has taken a while of time to get this podcasted, sorry!)

photo gmgs podcast 1

What is Girls Make Games: ‘Girls Make Games is a series of international summer camps, workshops and game jams designed to inspire the next generation of designers, creators, and engineers. We are LearnDistrict, an educational company based in San Jose, CA. We are committed to providing students with access to knowledge through our games and programs like Girls Make Games workshops.’

So find out just what the girls at the Melbourne camp made and what they did and all from the amazing and pioneering Laila Shabir and her fantastic team !   Laila is absolutely INSPIRING so LISTEN and ENJOY!! ( and see you at the NEXT Girls Make Games ! 2016 ? )

Laila Shabir illustration podcast 8

WARNING : this Podcast contains Unicorns, Dragons, Mutants, Zombies, Cats and Goats in fishnet stockings !!

gmgs coding podcast 4


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