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Sonja The Squeamer speaks to the Kiwi comics/cartoon and comics creator and icon:

dylan horrocks and comics

Dylan Horrocks who was here in Melbourne for the Homecooked Comics Festival chatting to Sonja about ALMOST everything possible to talk about on ANZAC Day, including topics on : NZ Comics, The Kiwi Scene, growing up in Aotearoa, Uni and comics,politics in Oz and NZ, Global Warming, DC Comics and his experience writing for Batgirl, his passion for comics, the influences from Tin Tin to Captain Marvel from the 1940s to Peanuts cartoons,working at Vertigo comics and the commercial industry to going “full-time” to Salman Rushdie to the Pickle comic and Hicksville to Small press comics and independence to Charlie Hebdo, Women in comics and feminism, to LGBTIQ representation and equality , (plus Dylan is an Eisner award winner too!)  and now with his new one Sam Zabel and The Magic Pen  described by Alison Bechdel as : 

‘Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen is a tour de force. There’s something very pure about Dylan Horrocks’ comics. That’s perhaps an odd word to describe this book which is so much about desire. But Horrocks’ line and his imagination both seem to flow freely and directly from some primal source. If you’ve ever wished that Hergé had written comics for grown-ups — gorgeously drawn and playful adventures that explore the serious anxieties of midlife — your wish has come true, and then some.’

Below artwork from Dylan Horrocks from Hicksville.

Dylan Horrocks image 3

It is quite a lengthy chat and even though it was probably the most typical of  Melbourne days in a very long time, it was fantastic to catch up with this living artist and Taonga from Kiwiland/Aotearoa!

Below: one of the issues that Dylan Horrocks contributed to for DC comics!

Batgirl_Vol_1_52 (1)

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D.C’s Batgirl with Dylan Horrocks!


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