David Bowie Is A Podcast….# 2 …………as we head into the Pop Culture maelstrom that will be happening in Melbourne town Sonja-The Squeamer-Hammer speaks to Australian Artist and creative consultant Tanja Stark about her passion for Bowie and the Jungian elements that occur over and again in his art.

David Bowie Is Face of Melbourne 2015

AAAAhhh the Labyrinth ! The many faces of Bowie! The light and the dark! Multi layers of layers! A Parallel universe of huge pop culture proportions! It’s Bowie…David Bowie….

because David Bowie Is..?

Portrait of Bowie 1976

Tanja Stark will be talking at David Bowie is exhibitions Strand Fascinations on the 26th of July 2015 at ACMI in Melbourne.


Artwork by Paul Caggegi and Podcast edit by Alice Berkley with Tag audio effects by Ross Bryant.