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Sonja –The Squeamer– Hammer (because we all have different personas and identities) talks candidly with Dr Toija Cinque  about BOWIE!….Toija is a Senior Lecturer in Media and Communications School of Communications and Creative Arts Faculty and Education at Deakin University!  What about did they talk about?  ..well, about BOWIE…David Bowie…of course!

David Bowie Is Face of Melbourne 2015

Celebrating the Man, the Mystery, yes the Chameleon, The ambiguous, obscure, dynamic and incredibly influential ALIEN that is Bowie, listen to this very FIRST of The Squeamer’s Special podcasts to rejoice in David Bowie Is the ACMI exhibition coming to Oz for the 1st time!


Dr Toija Cinque also will be launching her and her colleagues Christopher Moore and Sean Redmond’s book: Enchanting David Bowie at the Symposium on Saturday the 18th of July at ACMI.

Artwork of David Bowie’s Face and Logos by Paul Caggegi! 

David Bowie Is runs from July 16th until November 1st 2015 in Melbourne.



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