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We Are Back !!  Here is the LIVE audio of the latest Queer Geeks of Oz panel held last weekend June 28th at 3 pm on Stage 3 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre  Oz Comic Con 2015!

One of the BIG questions this year is ” How do we want to see queer characters portrayed in comics, games and films?” Another one was : “Queer comics in Australia..where are we? and How can you publish your own work?”  Finally an area to discuss in the future: ” Representation of Queer People of Colour…where are they in comics ? “

Below, Artwork of the Queer Geek Kanga Onesie by Dean Rankine.

The Queer Kanga Queer Geeks of Oz 2015 with cute Spots

The Panel includes for your audio delights panelists: Mark Leslie Ford ( producer of queer short film satire Stray ), Trance/Rachel from Random Geek Girls, Dylan/DyStick Adler ( Gaymer, music journo and producer of Counter Cultured on JOY 949), Haydn Klemm ( creator and host of The Melbourne LGBT Comic Book Group), Jimmy Twin ( creator of Frankie the Gay Zombie cartoon, and producer of Cartooning With Pride and Quartz Zine -soon to be a realised comic venture with Sonja Hammer ), and your MC/Host producer of Sci-Fi and Squeam geek radio show and Second Breakfast on JOY 949 and creator of the Queer Geeks of Oz panel) Sonja The Squeamer!

QGOO at OCC 2015 Post Panel

Above, Left to Right: Jimmy Twin, Trance/Rachel,Dylan Adler/DylStick and Social Media wonder Jake Franklin, POST Queer Geeks of Oz Panel at Oz Comic Con outside Stage 3, Sunday the 28th of June 2015.


Left to Right: Mark Leslie Ford ( Film producer and actor), Trance Rachel Humphreys ( Random Geek Girls and Dylan Adler ( Counter Cultured, producer and gaymer).

Picture 2 Left to Right: Mark, Trance, Dyl, Haydn Klemm (The Melbourne LGBT Comic Book Group) and Jimmy Twin ( Cartooning With Pride and Quartz zine) .

Mark Trance and Dylan QGOO 2015


Thanks to the following:

Dean Rankine, Sophie Blue, Carissa Avenhouse, Oz Comic Con, Volunteers at Oz Comic Con! Amanda Bachi, Chloe Stannard, Jake-Derek Franklin, JOY 949,  Jase Gipps, Mark Leslie Ford, Emma Caulfield, Amber Benson, Maraya Bell, Georgie Carroll, Kyjey/Kylie Grey, Guy Blomberg, Reed POP, Johnny Heard, Karla Topic, Zombittie, Sebastian Mittelman, Kenton Penley Miller, Alison Bechdel, GeeksOUT, Bentcon, FlameCON, GaymerX, GX Australia, Kelley Sue DeConnick, Sci-Fi and Squeam, Dean Arcuri and SameSame, Geek Girl Speak! Lindsay C Walker, Dean Beck, Chris Jameson and Cam Cook, Lauren Stardust, Bailey O’Neill and Tim Artos Grady and Ross Bryant.  

The Panel were: Mark Leslie Ford, Rachel Humphreys/Trance, Dylan Adler, Haydn Klemm and Jimmy Twin. MC/Host/Wrangler: Sonja Hammer. Photos by EVERYONE, including Kylie Grey, Jacqueline/JAX Michel, Audio and Assistant : Chloe Stannard. Social Media/Twitter facilitator:

Jake Franklin!


Qgoo Panel 5


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