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They are DONE for another year at Melbourne’s largest Pop-Culture Convention Oz Comic Con 2015Queer Geeks of Oz ! The queerie nerdy geeks talk about WHAT they thought of the panel, HOW it went, and what about the FUTURE ?

Below, Left to Right: Jimmy Twin, Zombkittie,Trance,Dylan Adler and Jake Franklin ( Social Media),

Missing from photo are fellow panelists: Haydn Klemm and Sonja Hammer and Mark Leslie Ford!

Queer Geeks Post Panel at Oz Comic Con Melbourne 2015

The panel consisted of : Trance/Rachel for Random Geek Girls, Haydn Klemm from The Melbourne Comic Book Group, Jimmy Twin from Cartooning with Pride and creator of Frankie the Gay Zombie cartoon! and Dylan Adler from Counter Cultured and Sonja Hammer who is to blame for ALL OF THIS!! 

Listen as interviewer journalist Chloe Stannard asks the questions to the queer geeks and hear what they say!



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