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Episode # 287 Tuesday September the 15th 2015 at 10pm in the JOY studios Melbourne Town. In the studio The Squeamer has awesome guests such as Rob Lloyd talking about his Fringe Festival performance The Heart Awakens, and Lauren Stardust talks Total Bowie which she will be hosting at ACMI 19 and 20th Sept, and DylStick AKA Dylan Adler on all things Final Fantasy VII …which is going to be a REMAKE! 

Soooo Much Geek: The Geek Awakens !

Rob Lloyd has The Force

Every journey has a first step…
Every obsession has a beginning…
Everybody has a first love…

For Rob Lloyd (BBC America’s Doctor Who: Earth Conquest and Live On Bowen) it was the original Star Wars Trilogy.

Star Wars dominated Rob’s childhood – it excited and inspired him; sparked his imagination. The two were inseparable. He collected all the figures, dressed up as often as he was allowed, knew all the films word-perfect and acted them out with his brother and friends. But was this love forever?

Join Rob for the final installment of his Obsession Trilogy.

Below the “SQUAD”!

Squad and the Squeams

So what is the “jiggle function”? And what abut female representation in video games? And what does Dyl and Lauren think of the games out there and what about the armour costume in RPGs??


Music By The Rubettes and BABY METAL and The Thin White Ukes, Tiki Taane and MORE!!

DylStick and Stardust Chull in JOY 2015 final

Thanks to Clayton Wimshurst and Ross Bryant and ACMI!



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