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Here it is: The LIVE recording of the PAX Australia 2015 the Queer Geeks of Oz panel held in Melbourne at the MECC in The Galah Room at 2pm Saturday October the 31st…Halloween!

Queer Geeks of Oz : The Games Up and Out !

Queer Geeks of Oz Selfie Left to Right : Jake-Derek Franklin, Dylan Adler, Rachel Humphreys ( back/top),Lauren Stardust and Liam Esler at PAX panel Oct 31st 2015.

QGOO PAX Selfie for podcast

‘Talking about Queer representation, LGBTIQ in games, what inclusion looks like in games, and how it affects mental health, GX Australia, and where we go next (the future for queer devs and advocacy and gaymers), female inclusion and queer females in games.

Q&A is integral to the panel discussions, drawing the audience out and getting them to tell what is important to them in our community when it comes to games and games development.

We bring our combined experiences in being gaymers and gamers, public speakers and educators and geek enthusiasts and bring a political and an advocacy role to our discussions with humour and fun for everyone!’

Stage at panel


Above : left to Right : Jake( partial), Dylan Adler, Lauren Stardust and Liam Esler

Below left to right : Rachel Humphreys and Jake-Derek Franklin

Jake and Rachel

Dylan Adler [Radio Producer, JOY 949], Rachel Humphreys [Broadcaster, JOY 949], Lauren Halstead [Broadcaster Blogger, Lauren Stardust], Jake-Derek Franklin [Broadcaster Blogger, JOY 949], Sonja Hammer [Radio Producer, JOY 949], Liam Esler [Games Developer and Event Manager, Game Connect Asia Pacific]

The Games Up and Out screen shot stage

Thanks goes to PAX Australia and to JOY 949, #Diversity Lounge, Alice Clarke, GX Australia, Hamish Blunck ( studio photos of the panelists ), Lukas Stobie ( Art work ), Clayton Wimshurst ( assistant to Sonja Hammer and for PAX photos of the panel) and Alice Berkeley for Social Media co-ordination and assistance on the day!

PACKED AT PAX 2015 Queer Geeks of Oz panel

And thanks to EVERYONE who came along and saw us and asked great questions !

Thanks to PAX Volunteers for their support.

We are Queer and We are Here

Here are earlier podcasts of OTHER Queer Geeks of Oz panels over the past 3 years!


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