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At PAX Melbourne 2015, Saturday ( Halloween day) the 31st of October 2015, the Queer Geeks of Oz ‘SQUAD’ DE-BRIEF with Clayton Wimshurst AKA Claytox who asks the squad about their LGBTIQ panel discussion held in The Galah Theatre only moments before……Clayton asks the post Pax panel what happened, how they all felt, and about the genuine surprise that the Panel was Packed at PAX !

Post Pax panel 2015

Above photo post PAX Queer Geeks of Oz panel: the Games Up and Out ! Left to Right: Rachel Humphreys, Dylan Adler, Jake Derek Franklin, Lauren Stardust and Sonja Hammer, Saturday Oct 31st 2015.

So join your Queer Geeks of Oz panelists post panel : Dylan-DylStick-Adler, Lauren Stardust,Rachel Humphreys, Jake-Derek Franklin,Liam Esler and Sonja-the Squeamer-Hammer.



Thanks goes to Clayton Wimshurst, Alice Berkeley and Adam Woods and Ross Larcombe.


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