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Episode # 294 Tuesday November the 3rd , 2015 at 10pm in the JOY studios Melbourne Town. Sonja The Squeamer is facilitator to The Squad AKA Queer Geeks of Oz who appear tonight in the JOY 949 studio filled with enthusiasm and coming down still from PAX Australia 2015 held for it’s 3rd year in Melbourne, Australia at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre!


Queer Geeks of Oz talk about their panel discussion held at PAX on Saturday the 31st of October O Hallow Eve (Day) at 2pm. How was it? What did they think? And what of PAX itself?

The Queer Geeks of Oz panel are left to right: Lauren Stardust, Dylan Adler,Jake Derek Franklin (standing) and Rachel Humphreys, ( Liam Esler is absent from this photo). 

Squad photo Nov 3 2015


Squad photo Nov 3 2015 for Podcast

Thanks heaps to Clayton Wimshurst and Alice Berkeley and Ross Larcombe for all their support and Adam Woods for some of the pics at the panel.



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