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Episode#302 Tuesday the 29th of December,2015 at 10pm in the JOY studios Melbourne Town. In the studio LIVE with The Squeamer this week is Electronic trio: Ai Robot frequently living in Japan and now in Melbourne to play their music to Melburnians!Ai Robot are: Lukas Stobie (Vocals, Production),Brett Wright (Vocals),Nicole Stern (Vocals)  Ai Robot includes the amazing multi talented Lukas Stobie who created the Video Games inspired Queer Geeks of Oz image for 2015 :

BELOW :Lukas Stobie’s pixelated Queer Geeks 2015


Lukas is also working on a video game called Rising Dusk! So lots a happening for this talented dude,based in Japan!

Ai Robot image 1

Ai Robot are: Lukas Stobie (Vocals, Production),Brett Wright (Vocals),Nicole Stern (Vocals).

ai robot in Studio

ABOVE: Nicole Stern,Lukas Stobie and Brett Wright of Ai Robot.

The Squeamer explores a little bit of the origins of electronic and synth music by checking out some so called ‘KrautRock (“the great kosmische musik”)from West Germany in the 1970’s and Brian Eno’s influence on the sounds of popular music in the future.

In My Alien Head 3

Music List for tonight’s show:

Feel Good Inc: Gorillaz,Neon Lights:Kraftwerk,The Forgotten Ones:Ai Robot,Kid A:Radiohead,Archy The Robot:Amon Duul II,Hijack:Amon Duul II,Shibooya!:Ai Robot,Faust,Trans Europe Express:Kraftwerk,Lemmy in Brutal Legend,Eat The Rich:Motorhead,Ladytron:Roxy Music and Brian Eno,Can,Popol Vul,Neu 2,I’m So Green:Can,The Unknown:Ai Robot.

In MY Alien Head 5

And finally this show is dedicated to the late and magnificent Lemmy from Motorhead 1945-2015.




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